Cucumber DIY Vegitable Kit (Grow Bag+Pot mix+Cucumber Seeds)


  • DIY Packs
  • Vegetable Seeds
  • Contains Seed, Grow Bag, Pot Mixture
  • Pot mIx –  1 kg + 1 cover

Now you can grow your favorite veggies in your own kitchen garden. Mix, fill, plant, and enjoy.  Make your daily routines easier and healthier
with our DIY veggies kit. All your planting essentials in just one packCucumber is a nutritious fruit with a high water content. Eating cucumber may help lower blood sugar, prevent constipation, and support weight loss.  Now no need to worry about pesticides in veggies, you can grow cucumber in your own garden in just a few simple steps. Feel the joy of farming.

Create your own flourishing cucumber garden with this DIY vegetable kit. The kit includes a convenient grow bag, specially formulated pot mix, and premium cucumber seeds, providing everything you need for a successful cultivation experience. The grow bag offers optimal aeration and drainage, ensuring a healthy root system, while the pot mix is enriched with nutrients essential for robust plant growth. The cucumber seeds, carefully selected for quality, promise a bountiful harvest. Follow the straightforward instructions included in the kit to set up your growing environment and nurture your cucumber plants. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a beginner, this kit simplifies the process, making it easy to enjoy the satisfaction of harvesting fresh, homegrown cucumbers. Elevate your gardening journey with this comprehensive DIY vegetable kit and relish the joy of cultivating your own delicious and nutritious produce. Happy growing!


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