Vijay Plants + Panniyur 9 Plants (Pack of 5+5)

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  • Pepper Vijay: Hybrid of Panniyur 2 & Neelamundi (Pack of 5 Plants)
  • Resistant to Foot root Disease
  • Heat Tolerant
  • Panniyur 9:Pack of 5 Plants
  • Field tolerant to foot root, drought and cold stress
  • High quality berries with medium long spikes
  • Best quality Black pepper plants for Cultivation
  • All India Delivery

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Pepper Vijay: Renowned for its high yield, Pepper Vijay is a robust and disease-resistant variety. Pepper Vijay stands out as a compelling choice for home growers seeking a high-performing and resilient peppercorn vine. Here are some of its key advantages:

  • Abundant harvests: Pepper Vijay is renowned for its impressive yield, averaging a staggering 6 kg of peppercorns per plant. This translates to a bountiful supply of fresh peppercorns for your culinary endeavors, saving you trips to the grocery store and ensuring you have plenty to share with friends and family.

  • Disease resistance: Pepper Vijay boasts a robust defense against common diseases that can plague pepper plants. This translates to less maintenance for you and a higher chance of a successful harvest.

  • Thrives in hot climates: If you live in a warm region with consistent sunshine, Pepper Vijay is perfectly suited to your climate. This heat-resistant variety flourishes in such conditions, making it an ideal choice for gardeners in Kerala and other tropical areas.

Pepper Panniyur 9: A versatile and adaptable variety, Pepper Panniyur 9 flourishes in a wider range of conditions, including shaded areas. This high-yielding plant boasts a consistent harvest and is prized for its exceptional oleoresin content, translating to intensely flavorful peppercorns. With Pepper Panniyur 9, you’ll enjoy the deep, aromatic complexity that defines premium black pepper.

  • Adaptability: Unlike some pepper varieties that require full sun and scorching temperatures, Pepper Panniyur 9 thrives in a wider range of conditions. This makes it a perfect choice for gardeners with limited sunlight or those in slightly cooler regions. You can even cultivate it successfully in areas with partial shade.
  • Consistent Yield: Pepper Panniyur 9 is renowned for its reliable harvests. You can expect a steady stream of peppercorns throughout the growing season, ensuring a dependable supply for your culinary needs.
  • Flavor Profile: This variety is prized for its exceptional oleoresin content, the key component responsible for the pungency and aroma of black peppercorns. With Pepper Panniyur 9, you can anticipate robustly flavored peppercorns bursting with deep, complex notes – ideal for those who appreciate a truly exceptional peppercorn experience.

This combo pack allows you to explore the nuances of these two esteemed pepper varieties. Whether you crave the heat-resistant bounty of Pepper Vijay or the well-rounded character of Pepper Panniyur 9, this pack offers a winning combination for cultivation.

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