Black Pepper Combo Pack – Pepper Vijay Plants (Pack of 5) + Pepper Panniyur 5 (Pack of 5)


  • Vijay Pepper Plants: Pack of 5 plants
  • Hybrid (Panniyur 2 & Neelamundi)
  • Resistant to Foot root Disease & Heat Tolerant
  • Panniyur 5: Pack of 5 plants
  • High yielding and regular bearing variety
  • Panniyur 5 has purple coloured shoot tip
  • All India Delivery

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Vijay pepper is a high yielding variety of black pepper, which is a cross breed of Pepper Panniyur 2 and Pepper Neelamundi. This variety is resistant to Phytophthora Foot root disease.  It has a average yield of 6 kg per plant. These plants are said to resistant to heat, ie they don’t need shades, as compared to other black pepper varities. This black pepper variety can be grown in places with hot temperature too.

Panniyur 5: It is a variety released from Pepper Research Station Panniyur in 1996. Panniyur 5 is an open pollinated progeny of ‘Perumkodi’. Itis a high yielding and regular bearing variety. This variety is suited to all pepper growing tracts. Its tolerates shaded condition and high oleoresin content. Panniyur 5 coloured with purple shoot tip with long bikes. Its potential yield 2248 (kg dry pepper/ha.


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