Vijay Plants + Karimunda Plants (Pack of 5+5)

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  • Pepper Vijay Plants: Hybrid (Panniyur 2 & Neelamundi)
  • Best quality Black pepper plants ( Pack of 5)
  • Resistant to Foot root Disease
  • Heat Tolerant (Less Shade Required)
  • Pepper Karimunda Plants: Wild Variety
  • Best Quality Karimunda Pepper plants ( Pack of 5)
  • Disease Resistant

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Vijay pepper is a high yielding variety of black pepper, which is a cross breed of Pepper Panniyur 2 and Pepper Neelamundi. This variety is resistant to Phytophthora Foot root disease. It has a average yield of 6 kg per plant. These plants are said to resistant to heat, ie they don’t need shades, as compared to other black pepper varieties. This black pepper variety can be grown in places with hot temperature too.

Pepper Karimunda is a wild variety that has been cultivated in Kerala from long time. now also it stands different from other varieties with its disease resistant nature. Karimunda plants are mainly grown in pepper farming areas of Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu. Karimunda plants have ovate small leaves with even margins, dark green leaves and spikes. The have high spiking intensity. Their yield per wine is said to be 3-5. New spikes will be dark in color.

Weight 8 kg

5 reviews for Vijay Plants + Karimunda Plants (Pack of 5+5)

  1. Jeorge .Vargees

    Good root and strong leaves are two types of seedlings with excellent productivity, I am satisfied with this service

  2. Vineesh C J

    Plants were lively and healthy on arrival. They were well packed with air circulation hole. Unique packing too. Keep going…

  3. Kiran.Varmma

    Two high yielding black pepper plants, healthy stem and leaves, nice packing arrived safely

  4. Amaljith

    Healthy plants, arrived in safe ,nice packing . loved it.

  5. Suji.K.K

    Vijay pepper and Karimunda pepper plants have their unique characteristics and are valued for their culinary uses and adaptability to warm, humid climates.

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