Black Pepper Combo Pack – Pepper Jeeraka Mundi Plants (Pack of 5) + Pepper Panniyur 3 (Pack of 5)

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  • Jeerakamundi: 5 plants
  • Berries has distinct cumin-like flavor
  • Best Quality Pepper Plants
  • Panniyur 3:5 plants
  • Late maturing pepper variety
  • All India Delivery

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Panniyur 3 is a hybrid variety developed from Uthirankotta and Cheriyakaniyakadan.It is released in the year 1991. It is a late maturing pepper variety. This variety is suited to all pepper growing regions of Kerala. Its peculiarities are well in open condition and high oleoresin content. It has pale yellow coloured shoot tip and long spikes.Potential yield is the maximum yield possible given rainfall in the absence of any other constraints.(potential yield kg dry/pepper/ha 3,296.)

 Jeerakamundi Black Pepper plant, scientifically known as Piper nigrum ‘Jeerakamundi,’ is a unique variety distinguished by its small leaves and spikes. The berries it produces are characterized by a bold and robust peppery taste with underlying hints of cumin and other spices, making it a prized addition to culinary endeavors. The name “Jeerakamundi” itself translates to “cumin-like,” signifying its distinct flavor. It boasts small leaves that contribute to its compact and manageable appearance. The plant also exhibits small spikes, with a spike length averaging approximately 10.36 centimeters. The ratio of spike length to leaf length, is approximately 1.16, which indicates a well-balanced and proportionate growth pattern. In terms of spike shape, Jeerakamundi Black Pepper plants produce straight spikes that hold their berries uniformly. Speaking of the berries, they are small and round, making them ideal for culinary applications.

4 reviews for Black Pepper Combo Pack – Pepper Jeeraka Mundi Plants (Pack of 5) + Pepper Panniyur 3 (Pack of 5)

  1. Rajeev Hari

    Long awaited plants combo. This purchase made my day. The plants were healthy with dark green leaves

  2. Joby Varkey

    I’m so impressed with the quality of these pepper plants! They were packaged with care and arrived healthy and vigorous.

  3. beena mathew

    Love the variety! The combo pack from PepperHub was perfect for getting started with pepper plants

  4. sari s

    Great value! This combo from PepperHub is such a good deal. Two healthy pepper plants for a great price.

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