Bamboo Puttu Kutti (Steamer)

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  • Traditionally handcrafted cookware.
  • Seasoned and ready to use.
  • Bamboo steamer comes along with the coir around it for easy usage.
  • A bamboo stick is provided to push the food.
  • Best quality ” Bamboo Puttu Kutti (Steamer)” online.

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The natural tubular structure of bamboo with one closed end helps the food material inside to stay in shape and cook in steam unanimously. The coir wrapped around the bamboo steamer for study grip while preparing food. A bamboo stick is provided to push the food. Bamboo steamer can be attached to any pressure cooker nozzle with enough water to create the steam. The traditional Bamboo puttu kutti can be used with normal steamer in the kitchen.

2 reviews for Bamboo Puttu Kutti (Steamer)

  1. Sebastian philip

    Good Product

  2. Sasikumar

    Gotmy pack delivered home today. Decent Packing. Good product

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