Bamboo Paratha Serving Multipurpose Basket

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  • Paratha serving Bamboo Basket
  • Handmade

Bamboo Paratha/Chapati Serving multi purpose basket is one of the must have at homes. This can be used for serving various food items. People love foods when presented or served beautifully. This bamboo food serving basket helps to change the boring plastic or ceramic plates used in dining tables.

Introducing the PepperHub Bamboo Paratha Serving Multipurpose Basket – a delightful fusion of practicality and aesthetics for your dining experience. Handcrafted with precision, this versatile basket showcases the artisanal skill that defines PepperHub’s commitment to quality. Constructed from eco-friendly bamboo, it not only adds a touch of natural elegance to your table setting but also aligns seamlessly with sustainable living values. The thoughtful design of the basket makes it a perfect companion for serving piping hot parathas, enhancing the presentation of your meals. Its multipurpose functionality extends beyond serving, making it an excellent storage solution for fruits, bread, or napkins. Elevate your dining space with this durable and stylish Bamboo Paratha Serving Basket, embodying PepperHub’s dedication to excellence in craftsmanship and sustainable living.

Designed specifically for serving warm and delectable parathas, this multipurpose basket features a unique lattice pattern that allows air circulation, keeping your parathas warm and fresh for longer periods. Its spacious design accommodates multiple servings, making it ideal for family gatherings or social events.

Beyond parathas, this basket serves as a versatile serving solution for bread, naan, rolls, or even fruits and snacks. The eco-conscious bamboo construction ensures durability and easy maintenance, while the natural finish adds an elegant touch to your table setting.

Weight .5 kg

12 reviews for Bamboo Paratha Serving Multipurpose Basket

  1. Anjana Sukumaran

    Good quality basket 🤩 it looks cute and cool. Strong product

  2. Vedhika

    I couldn’t resist commenting. Quality product

  3. Josy Joy

    Good quality product. Thank you Pepperhub

  4. Listin thomas

    Good Product

  5. Soumya Satto

    This can be used for serving various food items, I loved it. good product

  6. Midhila .Roy

    Say good bye to plastic plates, this is a good quality bamboo product and a decoration for the dining table

  7. Jay M

    Good product

  8. Jinto

    The quality is excellent.

  9. Mili T K

    Good bamboo Product

  10. Thankan

    The basket is well made by the craftsmen. I use it to get rid of rice water from rice when large quantity is cooked.

  11. Sindu reji

    I brought this for my grandmother she loved it.. And she uses it for all type of paratha dishes.

  12. Hari hari

    A must have for every kitchen

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